Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A miniature Town Hall Rabbithole

I'm working on very tiny rabbitholes, all on ten by ten lots, and very tiny community gathering places.

Like this!

They will be mostly CC free, including only CC from ATS3, Cazarupt from TSR (the rabbithole rugs), MangoSims, and when I get to the diner, some food from BlackSweety.  If you don't want the rabbithole rugs from TSR, which I've used as they should package with the lot, then any rabbithole rug should work just fine.

Some pictures of the Town Hall, which is tested in game and fully functional:

You have to have excellent eyesight to use that clock.

The square in the middle is the actual rabbit hole.

Upstairs meeting hall, with charisma skilling podium.

Sim Soul wishes to address his wife.

But is interrupted by someone wishing to argue about property taxes.
There's an archive of records in the basement.
And a place to grab some grub, and for Sim Yoshi to call his sister a big baby.
I hated most about rabbit hole lots that the sims hanging out there were always starving and had to pee.  Food AND bathrooms are included here.

Basement overview.
Ground floor overview
Meeting hall overview

If this is useful to you, you can download it here:

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