Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mini Law Enforcement Center

I made a small Law Enforcement center.  There's an office for investigations on the upper floor, a small jail cell including showers in the basement, the actual rabbithole rug on the main floor, and a roof break area that is a good place to go let off steam when the Captain tells you if you don't stop being such a renegade he's going to take your badge.
Maybe you shouldn't have turned the squad car lights on just to get the ice cream truck to stop, but the clincher was probably pulling a gun on the ice cream man when he gave you a Rocket Pop instead of a Dream Bar.

Anyway, here's the cop's place of work:

The old 5-0.
Main floor.  Green thing is rabbithole.

Investigatory office.  Easel for the Sketch Artists.
Drunk tank or jail cell.  No bars, just plexiglass spit shields.

Roof top break area with surveillance equipment.
Walls down view of the cell.
Main floor overview

Office overview
Basement overview.

Custom content, kept to a minimum, from:

Cazarupt at TSR (rabbit hole rugs)
Mango Sims

All in s3pack format, so all is included, lot will look just like this.

Download here:

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  1. omg! such an awesome idea with the jail cell like in the movie "the Silence of the Lambs" ! O.O