Friday, February 25, 2011


I skipped out on uploading yesterday.  I have nearly a whole set of community lots ready to go, but needed a day off to fight crime and rescue orphans, that sort of thing.
So today I'll give you two tiny community lots (or 1.5, since the sports one is so little).
First up, the Game Field.  Base game only. Sports rabbit hole in the basement, because why not.
Nope, no idea what kind of sport is played here - but there's a sprinkler to simulate playing something.

Alternatively, you could strew some of Martine's community lot baseballs all over here.

The hot dog area, the stands, and of course, the field-like thing.

The basement.

Overview of the basement.
Download Game Field:

Next, this is the Jelly Roll Roadhouse.  It is a fully functional criminal hideout with a rabbit hole in the basement.

The Jelly Roll Roadhouse at night.

The main floor, with bar.


The basement, and the rabbit hole rug.

Basement overview

Main floor overview

Upstairs overview.

Download the Jelly Roll Roadhouse:

All custom content is included, and is from:

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