Monday, February 28, 2011

Serenity Spa

Speaking of Serenity, I need more Firefly gear and objects for my Sims.  Here's the spa, with a working rabbit hole, on a 10x10 lot:
It's overgrown on purpose!

The main floor, and the actual rabbit hole rug.

Upstairs juice bar. Refreshing!  or so they insist.

The little salon area.

Using the Yoga area.

If you're broke, you can still relax here - in the DIY spa in the basement.

Ahhh... frugally relaxing.

Basement overview.

Main floor overview.

Upstairs overview.
All custom content is included and is from:
Cazarupt at TSR (rabbit hole rugs)
Mango Sims
Luna Sims Lulamai.


Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hicks' Market

A little grocery store, named after the Hicks family of Sims 1, of course.

I really like local buildings that combine commercial and residential functions, if you hadn't noticed.

That's the rabbit hole in the middle there.

The upstairs apartment area.

Basement - storage, bathroom, break room.

Basement overview

Main floor overview

Upstairs overview

All custom content is included in the lot file and is from:

Cazarupt at TSR (rabbit hole rug)
Mango Sims
Eight/Three's Atelier.


Saturday, February 26, 2011

Copur Community Hospital

A tiny lot functional rabbithole.   Easy to place nearly anywhere!

It's friendly!

Main floor and rabbit hole rug.

Basement lab area.

Basement mini cafe.

Upstairs doctor's room.

Patient room.

One of these doors leads to the castle at the center of the Labyrinth, the other one leads to...
 bumbumbumbum!  CERTAIN DEATH!  Oooooooh!

Basement overview

Main floor overview.

Upper floor overview.

All custom content is included and is by:
Cazarupt at TSR (rabbit hole rug)
Mango Sims


Friday, February 25, 2011


I skipped out on uploading yesterday.  I have nearly a whole set of community lots ready to go, but needed a day off to fight crime and rescue orphans, that sort of thing.
So today I'll give you two tiny community lots (or 1.5, since the sports one is so little).
First up, the Game Field.  Base game only. Sports rabbit hole in the basement, because why not.
Nope, no idea what kind of sport is played here - but there's a sprinkler to simulate playing something.

Alternatively, you could strew some of Martine's community lot baseballs all over here.

The hot dog area, the stands, and of course, the field-like thing.

The basement.

Overview of the basement.
Download Game Field:

Next, this is the Jelly Roll Roadhouse.  It is a fully functional criminal hideout with a rabbit hole in the basement.

The Jelly Roll Roadhouse at night.

The main floor, with bar.


The basement, and the rabbit hole rug.

Basement overview

Main floor overview

Upstairs overview.

Download the Jelly Roll Roadhouse:

All custom content is included, and is from:

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Minerva's Bakery and Bookstore

This is a multi-function rabbit hole lot, with a bookstore and a diner, both tested and working.  It's a bit bigger file than usual - about 12MB, probably because there is more custom content in this one.

It's on a 10x10 lot.

The front view.  The front door is open!

Sim Yoshi is headed for the bookstore rug upstairs.

Sim Holden puts out the food downstairs.

Basement, with diner rug, bathrooms and small office.

Another view of the downstairs with Sim in mid-freakout.

Another view of the buffet table area.

Main floor overview

Upper floor overview.
Basement overview.
Custom content is included and is from:
Cazarupt at TSR (rabbit hole rugs)
Madaya at TSR (she gives permission for use in free lots)


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Buzz Grunt Community Outpost

If your neighborhood is not big enough for a full military base, try the Buzz Grunt Community Outpost.  To further your military career, it works both as a gym and a military rabbithole.  There is the ability to skill logic as well.

On to the pictures.
Built for function, not beauty, because function is far more important and beauty is for non-military sissies.
Basement workout area, unisex bathroom, and showers.  Cold showers improve the intestinal fortitude!
Entry with rabbit hole rug.

Officer's workspace and community surveillance.
Basement overview.

Main floor overview.  The rug has eated moar military personnel.

Upstairs, sir!

This is the roof.  It keeps the rain out.
All custom content is by:

Cazarupt at TSR (rabbit hole rugs - you can use any rabbit hole rugs, though.  I used Cazarupt's because they're s3packs so they're automatically included with the lot.)
ATS3 (the recording studio light, the laundry sink, and two wooden patterns).