Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Buzz Grunt Community Outpost

If your neighborhood is not big enough for a full military base, try the Buzz Grunt Community Outpost.  To further your military career, it works both as a gym and a military rabbithole.  There is the ability to skill logic as well.

On to the pictures.
Built for function, not beauty, because function is far more important and beauty is for non-military sissies.
Basement workout area, unisex bathroom, and showers.  Cold showers improve the intestinal fortitude!
Entry with rabbit hole rug.

Officer's workspace and community surveillance.
Basement overview.

Main floor overview.  The rug has eated moar military personnel.

Upstairs, sir!

This is the roof.  It keeps the rain out.
All custom content is by:

Cazarupt at TSR (rabbit hole rugs - you can use any rabbit hole rugs, though.  I used Cazarupt's because they're s3packs so they're automatically included with the lot.)
ATS3 (the recording studio light, the laundry sink, and two wooden patterns).


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