Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A tiny School

It kinda looks like it's happy.
This is the Sunshine Community School.  It's a fully functioning school rabbit hole on a 10x10 lot.  I wanted to make new rabbit holes that would encourage Sims to hang around, and would also provide them with at least a place to go to the bathroom.

Main room
The rabbit hole is beneath that rug.

Appropriate skilling is available at this lot.  This is the upstairs learning room.

With some toys, too.

It was kind of a popular hang out in my little town.
Basement music area.

Basement art area.
Basement overview.

Main Schoolroom overview

Upstairs learning room overview

The tiny lot size means you can place this lot anywhere, and if you place on a bigger lot, you have plenty of room to add what you like.
All custom content - which is kept to a minimum so you can add what you like, is from these places and these fine people:

Mango Sims
Cazarupt's rugs

Download here:

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  1. This is a really lovely little school! It inspired me to make my own 10x10 rabbitholes!