Monday, February 21, 2011

Open air community lots

More 10x10 tiny lots, easy to place.
No CC in these lots.
First up, the park.

Silvie Play Park
My daughter named this, after herself of course.

That is young Silvie playing on the swing.  I have this lot behind my schoolhouse and the kids run here all the time.

It's small enough to place near a sim's home if you go into Edit World and drop a tiny lot where you want it.  

Next up, the community pool:
The Sunshine Alliance Pool

It's small but useful, with a place to rest and a place to swim and a grill for making lunch. 

Last up we have the garden, with all harvestables except the omniplant and the death flower.  The omniplant is at the science center and the death flower will be at the upcoming graveyard.

Lorraine Gardens

And a place to roast your produce! 

Sim Soul ignores the shrieking baby and roasts marshmallows.


  1. Oh what a great find! I love these small lots, thank you so much!