Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Minerva's Bakery and Bookstore

This is a multi-function rabbit hole lot, with a bookstore and a diner, both tested and working.  It's a bit bigger file than usual - about 12MB, probably because there is more custom content in this one.

It's on a 10x10 lot.

The front view.  The front door is open!

Sim Yoshi is headed for the bookstore rug upstairs.

Sim Holden puts out the food downstairs.

Basement, with diner rug, bathrooms and small office.

Another view of the downstairs with Sim in mid-freakout.

Another view of the buffet table area.

Main floor overview

Upper floor overview.
Basement overview.
Custom content is included and is from:
Cazarupt at TSR (rabbit hole rugs)
Madaya at TSR (she gives permission for use in free lots)


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