Sunday, December 19, 2010

Papa LaCoeur's House

I live in the Twin Cities, in Minnesota, where last weekend we got a foot and a half of snow.  The snowplow only finished clearing our street this past Friday evening; we're expecting 6-9 more inches of snow tomorrow.

So I am glad to have a bright, sunny, tropical sort of house to share today!

This house is on a tiny 20x15 lot, so it can be placed almost anywhere.  It runs about 86,000 simoleons, I suggest using the freerealestate cheat to place a family in it.  It's furnished with everything a Sim really needs, including a crib for users of the Awesome mod.  There is no custom content, and only the basegame was used, no store items.

There are 4 bedrooms and three baths, and two spare rooms in the basement that could become more bedrooms if so desired.
Ready to see the place?  Here we go:
The front of the house.  Colorful, no?

The front door and the daydreaming papergirl.
The garden and play area.
The upstairs

The main floor.
The basement.
The living room.
The dining room.  That'll wake you up in the morning.
The kitchen, with young Rainbow La Coeur helping her mother cook.

Downstairs bedroom/nursery

Master bedroom
Boyish bedroom
Girlish bedroom
Upstairs bath

Upstairs loft study
Basement den
Basement laundry/bath area

I have a long row of this house along the beachfront on Crescent Cove - I just went in and changed the distinctive exterior coloring on most of them so they looked a bit different.  It makes a cute beach shack.

Here is where you can download:


  1. ^_^ It's not my normal style, but I like looking at the pictures of this one. I live in Duluth, myself. Ahhh, snow plows.

  2. It translates easily with some shingle siding, I've found. :) Take away the tropical coloring, and it's a real classic, basic house shape.

    I miss Duluth! Prettiest town in MN imho.