Saturday, October 2, 2010

Honeybell House

This is a tropical (and colorful) 5 bedroom, 5 bath home on a 20x20 lot.  It runs about 170k Simoleons, so I would suggest the freerealestate cheat, myself.This house was inspired by Maelewis at N99.
My test family was the Clarkes: Bastion, Bernise, Tashina, and Zed.

Here's the outside:
And it's pink!
The entrance is over there.

The pool

Halt, says the guard gnome


Ground Floor
Main Living Area
Top Floor
Upstairs balcony

Living room

Living room still

Living room again!

Computer included.

Honeybell Kitchen - the dining area
Cooking area.  Cork floor in kitchen!

Sink area

upstairs study.

master bedroom
master bedroom dressing area

Children's beds
Babies' beds
upstairs study as well

The laundry room is CHEERFUL

Rec room in basement
Moar rec room
Basement bedroom #1 - with carved teak.
Basement bedroom two: The Revenge of the Teak

exercise area off the rec room.
The entryway
Maid's bathroom
Maid's quarters.

 Part of the inspiration for this house comes from my partner, Soul, who lived in Panama as a kid.   His home there had the main living area over a carport and maid's quarters like this - but no basement, and it was significantly smaller, and cement.



  1. It's fantastic!! Thanks you so much. Pretty soon I'll nothing but your houses in my hood. :)


  2. I love the colours in this place! They are fantastic and remind me of the colours of Carribean. (Which I suppose they are?)

    Well done!

  3. Yes, I specifically looked into more Caribbean style housing. :) And fell in love with the use of such vivid color!