Saturday, September 18, 2010

National Homes 1949: The Barth

Original floorplan is HERE.

So the War is over and your growing family needs a place to live and grow!  Well, look no further, for a modest price you can have this modest ranch house.
Complete with Guard Gnome.
 The living room is spacious and includes a dining area.

Clean cut son not included

Ambience IS included!
 An easel is provided to give you the chance to indulge your creative nature!
Talent clearly not included.

 The kitchen provides ample workplace for the modern housewife and a delightful breakfast nook!
Genuine faux brick!
In case you have a hankering for somewhere that's green!

The children's bedroom is ready for plenty of Howdy Doody imagination and has room for an addition to the growing family!
Neatly dressed daughter for display purposes only.

The bathroom contains all the modern amenities one might expect.
It's also somewhere that's green.
 The master bedroom is just the place to relax after a difficult day teaching your children about the Red Menace and how to duck and cover in case of nuclear attack!
Remember, the right furniture can save your life if the bomb is dropped in your town!
 The garage is complete with a spiffy automobile so you are ready to take the whole family down to the seashore for the day!
It's keen!
Here's the overview, where you can see the master bathroom not pictured above!
No Commies anywhere!  Safe, modern, and American!
Come home to your own home!  It's ... home!

Some people's mother not included.

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  1. Love the last snap. The house looks great :)