Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Laurel - 1953 Aladdin Homes Floor Plan

You know I wouldn't leave you hanging - the original is HERE.
Aladdin - one of my favorite floor plan companies - calls this a honeymoon home, and it is sweet and cozy.  I did manage to stuff two adults and two children in here, with room for a larval type Sim as well.  You might recognize my test family, this is the Jones family from the last home uploaded here, only before Helen became pregnant and ultimately set her kitchen on fire.  I have three test families; the Joneses, the Wilsons, and the Watsons.
Here is the Laurel:
It kinda looks like it's arching a brow at you, doesn't it?

You can click these pics to get a bigger pic, btw.
The tiny floorplan
 I added a basement just because the place is so tiny.  There's no real room for a staircase in this little house, so the basement opens to the outside in back of the house, with an old fashioned cellar.
Here's the basement:
I'd use the room on the left as the dungeon.

And here is where I fail:

It's a trap...door!
However, here is where you VICTORY!  About two thirds of the way down this page, MK has an old fashioned cellar door!  Now your Sim children can sing this song to each other, just like in the good old days, except there was no youtube then.
 But there have always been little girls.
Back to the Laurel!
The Joneses at home.
The main room is small but efficient, and floored in linoleum.  Armstrong was making a pretty strong bid to be the flooring of choice at this time; many homes featured linoleum or something similar as their flooring.  It is easy to maintain, after all.
The well-appointed kitchen
with a small but roomy enough dining area.
The view into the living area.
Dad Donald Jones and daughter Bonnie enjoy the relaxing living area.
Walter seems a little jealous!
There's a little spot back there that might fit laundry machines (I have no idea what the footprint of the Ambitions laundry machines are, actually), or a nice easel or what have you.
The bathroom, in shades of mint and coral.
The children's room, with painted wood floors
And room for spawning.
The master bedroom
And more of the master bedroom.
This home was built on a 20x20 lot, so it should be fairly easy to place where you'd like it.

Perhaps tomorrow I'll put up the third home I moved the Joneses into, after the twin girls were born.  I'd forgotten it wasn't the twins, but baby Jack that Helen was in labor with when she set her kitchen on fire!  The twins came after.


  1. Love this little pearl. The enterior's got such a homely vibe and the cellar door's nicely done - clever idea, really!


  2. <3, thank you smmishing. Coming from you, that's a wonderful compliment.