Monday, September 20, 2010

1949 National Homes: The Benton

Original floorplan is HERE.

This is another of National Homes' efficient little houses. I've attempted to decorate using authentic color schemes with much help from places like RetroRenovation and other restoration places, and have used only basegame items, no CC.  Master bedroom has a crib for Awesome neighborhoods.

Here's the pictures:
The Gnome looks friendly, but is a fierce protector.

The Benton's back side.  That grill is shiny red metal, totally not fuschia.

The main floor floorplan.  Two cars included!
basement floorplan
Living room from the dining area.
Fireplace and "built in" bookshelves!
The dining area.
The cheerful kitchen.  Patriotic color schemes were popular in the late forties.
All the mod cons!
Small built in dinette in kitchen.
Main floor bathroom - there's also a small bath in the basement,
Children's bedroom - also very patriotic!
Children sleep quite cozily in here.
The master bedroom.
The backyard with apple trees.
The garden.
The basement laundry room - no cc, base game only, but with a little help:
Laundry room, still basegame only, with CC you can add!
CC shown here from Around The Sims 3 and Sims Trastos.
The rumpus room, with skilling opportunities!
Rumpus room overview

While playing with one of my retro test families, the Joneses, our mother, Helen Jones, showed us how not to use the cheery modern kitchen:
Timing is so important.

Of course this was next:
Oven: not fireproof

Happily the smoke detector worked as intended, and the two children, Walter and Bonnie, remained quite safe playing in the yard while the firemen dealt with the Flaming Stu of Death, and their parents rushed to the hospital to bring into the world their new twin sisters.


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