Sunday, September 26, 2010

The DelMar, a 1953 Aladdin floorplan

Here is the original.

Although I harbor a fondness for most of these plans, the DelMar turned out to be my favorite, as you might be able to discern by my self-Sim and family being the test family.

The DelMar, modest in appearence.

but welcoming!
Main floor overview
basement overview
Sim Soul enjoys the comfortable living room.

And the cozy fire!
The dining area.
The kitchen, in coral, yellow, and turquoise.
I'm not happy with the chairs, but they are functional.
What you need here are some nice Eames chairs.  Maybe a Saarinen Tulip table!  Nanu at TSR has those, iirc.  If you avoid TSR and the Booty, Einfach Simlisch has released a nifty retro set, or the EA Store has the I Heart The Fifties set.
Upstairs bath #1
Upstairs bath #2
I love this bathroom.  I don't mind sharing my inspiration with you, either!

The nursery, across the hall from the master bed.
The boys room.  Yes, cowboys again.
I'd forgotten I'd already done cowboys!
The girls room.
The girls room study area.
I've tried to add one custom teddy bear per kids bed or crib, just to be sure.
Sim Peanut considers torturing the dolls.
The rather vivid master bedroom.
The laundry room.
Where a sewing machine should go!
Spare room adjacent to the laundry.

Sim Yoshi thunks hard.
Sim Aaron jams near the party area of the rec room - bar area AND buffet table.
The sitting area of the rec room.
There's two unfurnished rooms off the rec room and a small bathroom down here.  When seeing what I was working on, Josh/Yoshi asked if I would please move his Sim into a basement bedroom so he could finally, after fifteen years, have his own room, at least in the Sims.
I didn't remind him that he'd had his own room when he was 6, he'd just refused to sleep in it instead of sharing a room with his brother.
So there you go, basement bedrooms - perfect for the angsty, cocky, stumbling, and still vulnerable teen of your choice!  Heck, I had one of my own back in the day.

The back yard.

This house can home, as is, four children, two adults, and two babies.  It requires only the basegame, and used no CC.
And if you have a Sim family that will enjoy it as much as my Sim family did:

Mediafire link, or 
HERE AT 4shared. 


  1. You have a lovely blog, Zenka, and lovely house designs as well! Very spacious and realistic! :D

  2. I would love to download this house, it's wonderful, but the link isn't loading for me. Can you please re-upload? Thanks...

  3. Jasumi, I sure can, is there a host that works better for you? The link works fine for me, but I'm told Mediafire doesn't always work for everyone.

  4. Ok, uploaded to 4shared and link added. Let me know if that does not work for you. :)

  5. Thanks so much! I love this rancher and it will look great in my neighborhood. Keep up the good work :)

  6. You don't forget a thing, Zenka. It's got everything! I'm becoming a big fan of your homes! Thanks so much!!