Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Grant Park Gordon Van Tine 588

This one is a plan from 1918.  On the main floor there are two bedrooms and one bath; in the basement there are two more 3/4 baths and a maid's room.

All CC is from B5Studio or Land of Woe (the Grant Park siding set).

This is the color scheme set.

The front, where all front-related business takes place.
The side, to show off the siding and the buffet window.
Main floor.
Basement, with root cellar, laundry, and skill areas.
Living room into the dining room.
Dining room into the living room.
Children's room.
Crib and desk and random bin family considering efficacy of various places to hide infant.
Upstairs bathroom.
Master bedroom.
Master bedroom's good side.
Inventing area.

Drinking sadly after invention failure area.

Laundry room.

Maid/butler's room.  Or for the worst kid.


All my thanks to B5Studio and Land of Woe. 
The Exchange is still not working properly for me, so as usual, if you want the file and can't use mediafire or 4shared, email me.

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