Sunday, July 26, 2015

Grant Park Radford 7099

Somewhat loosely inspired by this house plan, a 1908 Radford plan.  I do love Radford plans.  More inspired by Bau's amazing Grant Park set, which makes me happy in my Sims-playing soul.

All content is either from Bau, Land of Woe (the Grant Park siding sets), or from the game itself.  I have up through Seasons.  No store content.  Built on Build Town by Regina.  That website seems to be down.

There are two bedrooms and one small bath.  There is a little garden.  There are places the fireplace back bumps through walls - you may wish to do "moveobjects on" and delete the base of the chimney, but I didn't mind it, so I kept it.

No TV, but adequate skilling opportunities.  The lot itself is 20x20.

Living room and fireplace.

Dining Room.
Bunks in child's room.
Baby cage.
Dresser in master bedroom.
Master Bedroom.

It runs less than 40k Simoleons fully furnished.  It's ready for pets or children and has a crib so if you use Awesomemod your Sims will be able to breed.

Color plan is from here.  

I love colors, so this is how I kept the color bonanza to an acceptable minimum for the safety of your eyes.

I can't seem to get the Exchange uploader working, so this is what we're stuck with.  If you can't get it either of those two ways, email me and I'll email the file back to you.

Huge thanks to B5 Studio.  

And to Land of Woe.

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  1. Cute little place. :) Looks like a happy sim-home.