Monday, August 3, 2015

Grant Park Sears Greenview

Today I have a 1923 Sears farmhouse style home done up with Grant Park bits and bobs from B5Studios. 

I see little houses that look very similar to this all over here in Saint Paul, and saw many when I lived in Duluth, too.  Clearly a very common sort of early last century house.

Now the pictures:

The front of the house.  It totally has a back too, trust me.  I have a trustworthy face.

The side with the kitchen porch to the right. And left. Hot kitchen porch action.

Upstairs floor plan.

Downstairs floorplan.

Basement surrounded by the eternal, aching void of the Unknowable.

This is a good house for arty folks or those who presume themselves to be arty.

And also the arty folks like having clean clothes.

Butler's room.

A place to keep babies.

Living room.  Not for the undead, Steven.  Damn it.

Dining area in kitchen.

Pretty pie cabinet I haven't managed to manifest in real life yet, but I'm trying.

This is Pocky's room.  Pocky is a real horse, he's just in hiding as a rocking horse.

A room for a feminine child.

The place the grownups go to hide when the children are discussing their new cult.

It's a bigger file, and unlike my usual Grant Park places, it has modern electronics. 

Color plan is from here, a '28 sunroom.


The Exchange is still not working for me to upload these.  My exports tab tells me I successfully uploaded all of the Grant Park houses but I am not seeing them in my Studio.  Just in case, here's my studio.

Hope you enjoy!  Working on a three part house now. 


  1. Now that's a house I'd want. Don't know what I'd do with it, but I want me the Butlers quarters, wash room, and so forth. Much nicer than mine. I too am arty.

  2. :D you could make your miniature maxiatures in there!