Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Confluence Cube 2

This house is based on a floor plan from here.  I don't have Ambitions yet and wanted to use no pay Store content and no custom content other than free Store content, so I made the laundry room into a study.  Easy enough to yank out some furniture and put laundry machines in, if desired.

It is made of gentle colors.  Colors of the wind, if you will.

It's friendly enough.  Your neighbors probably won't demand you keep it on a leash.  On the back there of the roof are solar panels.

Floor plan, and wall plan, and unplanned nonsense about.

Floor plan.

Front Porch, placed in front for ease of locating.

Dominoes, baby.

Like a rock.

 Master bedroom porch.

No swingers.

 Back yard and play area.  No swings, but there is a tiki bar where you can go have a martini while your kids whine about not having a proper swingset.

This is a parlor.  Or a sitting room.  Or a receiving room?  I really have no idea.

 Front room sitting area.

Dining!  It's what's for dinner.
Dining area.

Kitchen.  Plaid encrusted husband not included.

Kitchen.  Appliances, baby imprisoning chair, pet feeding area, etc.

This is the least colorful house I've ever made.

Family room.

The laundry room - err, wait, that's not right.
The study.

Clowns... why?
The main bath complete with clown painting to encourage quick doing of business.  Also there's a litterbox in here.

Snugglewuggims snuggleteria.

Master bedroom.

Clown free.
Master bath.

Owl sleep well here.
The more feminine children's room.

It is yellow.
The more masculine children's room.

3 bedrooms, 2 baths, pet supplies, can house two adults, 4 children, two babies.  Teddy bears for each of six potential children.  Made with base game, Pets, Showtime, and free Store content.

Nothing essential to the building comes from anything but basegame, so I expect it is entirely playable without expansions or the Store content.


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