Monday, June 11, 2012

Trailer Houses

First up is the Trusty Rusty, a small trailer on a 20x15 lot, so it's fairly easy to place.  It's cheap enough for a single sim to buy it with no cheats, placed on that size lot.  I have Pets and HELS installed, but didn't use anything from those expansion packs for this.

It has a busy midcentury color scheme based off one of my reference pics, but it's not nearly as eyesmashing as the second trailer.  No CC or store stuff.

Papergirl is confused by this awful thing.

That's it, small, sort of sad looking, but bright.  With a small flower garden and a picnic table.

It's so cheerful.  So, so cheerful.

Kitchen pics, such as they are.

Living area.

The bathroom set up.


Next up is the Threepwood, a two bedroom, one bath trailer house, also on a 15x20 lot, also purchasable by a single new sim without cheats on that size lot.  I did use a wall light from Pets in this one, but it's not crucial so it's ok to install this without Pets.  No CC or store stuff.

It's not all yellow.
Just a lot of yellow.
It has a 70's color scheme, for which I'd be sorry if I weren't gleefully cackling away.  I was born in the 70s.  This is the color scheme of my early childhood, and now you can inflict it on a sim child of your own.

It has a backdoor.  I am not making a dirty joke about it though.  At least out loud.

The kitchen.  Glorious, no?  No?

Sim Samar demonstrates the lovely sitting area.
Bathroom, and the kid's bedroom.
Master bedroom. 

All its glory laid bare for you.
  So if you want this one:


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