Thursday, March 28, 2013

Repurposed Garage

This is a little, rough building on a 10x10 lot so it's easy to place anywhere.  It's a garage repurposed as a house for a person or two.

This doesn't have a crib, so Awesome sims won't breed in this house.

It requires Pets for the garage door and a couple windows, and a table inside.  Free Store stuff used: pirate's raggedy pennant, sponge computer, grilled cheese painting, tiki lamp, and Victorian stove and kitchen shelf.


The garage itself. 

Garage downstairs.

Garage upstairs.

Kitcheny area.
Living roomy area.
The study, or zee studee as they say in Fronche.
Foot of the bed.  The pennant will stay this way without any mods.
The bed and tiki lamp.  TIKI LAMP.

Sim not included; she's the sim of a very dear friend's fiancee, who is on her way right now to be with him.  Hi David!  So happy for you!



  1. I used to live in a space very like that. :"> There was no crib, but there was a dog. (And there was a two car garage lean-too addition on one side, in which there was a cat.) I should show you pictures sometime if I can find them. It was . . . hauntingly similar in some ways, but very different in others. (Yours is much cozier and less cluttered with my actual stuff.)

  2. I'd love to see pics if you find them!

  3. Complete and perfect blog of Langley garage addition, I love every details of it's page so I would like to request to keep on going.